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Proiect cofinantat din Fondul Social European prin Programul Operational Capital Uman 2014 – 2020


Bachelor programme (BA/ BSc)

Horticulture CLUJ-NAPOCA

Program description

This programme trains horticulture specialists capable to organize and supervise production processes in domains such as: vegetable and flower culture, fruit tree culture, winemaking and landscape architecture. Skills provided by the curriculum: -Implementation of fundamental knowledge on horticultural crops. -Development and implementation of projects and studies on the establishment and operation of horticultural crops, storage, processing and use of horticultural production. -Development and implementation of surveying and land reclamation works for the needs of the horticultural sector, administration and effective management of sustainable land. -Knowledge and operation of machinery for horticultural works. -Develop and implement improved models for the creation and introduction of new cultivars, in order to increase horticultural production. -Design, layout and landscaping. -Develop and implement specific phytosanitary programs for horticultural plants, creating and maintaining a healthy environment and consumer food safety. -Technology and management of winemaking and capitalization of wine, grape must and wine derivatives. -Management of horticultural holdings and marketing of specific horticultural products.

Last updated: 16.05.2022

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Study domain




Tuition fees for Romanian/EU/EEA students / year of study

- -

Tuition fees for non-EU students / year of study

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4 years

ECTS credits

240 ECTS

Type of study

[T: 0.9289, O: 60]