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University of Life Sciences ''King Mihai I'' from Timisoara

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As a member of the educational system of Romania, the Banat’s University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine  ''King Michael I of Romania'' from Timişoara (BUASVMT) is a state institution operating in higher education and scientific research.
The traditions of the  BUASVMT are connected to the establishment of the Faculty of Agronomy on July 30, 1945, by Decree No 2394 issued by King Michael I of Romania and Law No 617, published in the Monitorul Oficial (Official Gazette) of Romania on August 1, 1945. 
The BUASVMT has largely developed after the year 1990, has evolved, extending to a number of six faculties functioning at present (Agriculture, Horticulture, Agricultural Management, Veterinary Medicine, Animal Science and Biotechnologies, Food Processing), comprising 22 undergraduate programs, 26 master programs and two doctoral schools (Veterinary Medicine and Engineering of Plant and Animal Resources), over 7000 students and over 500 teaching positions.
a) THE FACULTY OF AGRICULTURE comprises the following undergraduate programs: Agriculture, Plant Protection, Environmental Protection and Engineering in Agriculture, Biology, Agricultural Machines and Food Processing Equipment, and Land Measurements and Cadastre;
b) THE FACULTY OF HORTICULTURE AND FORESTRY comprises the following undergraduate programs: Horticulture, Landscaping, Genetic Engineering in Agriculture, and Forestry;
c) THE FACULTY OF AGRICULTURAL MANAGEMENT is made up of the following undergraduate programs: Economic Engineering in Agriculture, Engineering and Management in Food Services and Agri-tourism, Engineering and Management in the Tourism Industry;
d) THE FACULTY OF VETERINARY MEDICINE comprises the undergraduate program Veterinary Medicine with two types of teaching in Romanian language and in English language teaching;
e)  THE FACULTY OF FOOD PROCESSING TECHNOLOGY comprises the following undergraduate programs: Natural Extracts and Food Additives, Food Chemistry and Biochemical Technologies, Food Quality Control and Expertise, Food Engineering;
f) FACULTY OF ANIMAL SCIENCE AND BIOTECHNOLOGIES comprises the following undergraduate programs: Animal Science, Fishery and Aquaculture, Agricultural Biotechnologies.
The duration of undergraduate studies is 4 years in Agricultural education, 6 years in Veterinary Medicine, and 3 years in Biology.
The BUASVMT has come under the provisions of the "Bologna Process" starting with the academic year 2005-2006.
In the doctoral studies programme, the BUASVMT trains PhD students in 5 areas: Agronomy, Horticulture, Veterinary Medicine, Food Engineering, and Animal Science.
Based on the activities carried out so far and those planned to take place in the future, our university may be considered a national-class institution, with greater influence in the western part of the country. Our institution aims to render this agro-alimentary region of the country into a competitive performer on the Euroregional level, while also making it comparable and compatible with important agricultural areas in Europe. In this context, our university aims at becoming a leader in higher education and agricultural research within the Euroregion.




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Students Association AGROWEST

Calea Aradului nr.119 CĂŁmin 2, Camera 102 300645 TimiÂşoara Fax: :0760621994 E-mail: agrowest2003@yahoo.com

On 19.06.1997, an initiative committee consisting of 33 members, created Student`s Organization within the USAMVB Timisoara with the name of the Student Organization from the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Banat Timisoara (OSUSAMVBT)

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