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The George Emil Palade University of Medicine, Pharmacy, Science, and Technology from Targu Mures

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Tirgu Mures is an old traditional academic city, having a mixed Romanian and Hungarian culture, with a touch of history present at every step. You will feel this touch if you allow it to walk you on its narrow streets where every corner whispers a story of the past.

Situated on a hill that overlooks the city, an imposing building offers a unique perspective of the place The University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Tîrgu Mureş. Being considered, for a long time, a heritage of the city, the prestigious building represents a symbol of the high academic and cultural values of our region. From the entrance, the overwhelming beauty of the place is perfectly complemented by the architectural harmony of the main building.
The dendrological park that surrounds the University on all sides protects it from the agitation of the town as an island of greenery perfectly integrated in the surrounding vegetation. Behind the building, a well-attended botanical garden is a place for recreation, serving also as the base material for students of the Faculty of Pharmacy, a unique advantage that sets it apart from other medical training centers in Romania. Here the student has the possibility to study both aromatic plants, with their distinct scent, as well as the toxic ones, which remain however a priceless source of active ingredients. The herb garden complements the landscape that seems a world removed from a story.
Hidden from the eyes of the passersby, the University laboratories (located in the main building as well as in the annex ones) offer a surprising shift from the external beauty of the building that has the emblem of time, to the dynamic reality of the twenty-first century technology. The Integrated Dentistry Centre is a modern, practical place which impresses you with its beautiful and sober architecture, appropriate for the general appearance of the entire academic complex but also by the futuristic and cutting edge equipment, the dream of every aspiring dental student. New modern buildings, such as the new Faculty of Pharmacy and the new Center of Research, are designed to provide excellent learning facilities and highest standard innovative research infrastructure for both the students
and the teaching staff, in a modern architectural complex.
To all this, the vast Sports base is added-one of the most modern sports facilities in Romania, including tennis courts, lighted football fields, a recently opened SPA center with a large swimming pool, and a gym hall. All these make the University Sports Club a facility unique of this kind in Romania and contribute to an unforgettable
experience - studentship at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Tirgu Mures.
Currently the University has 12 graduate study programs organized in three Faculties (Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy) and 8 masters study programs, as well as a PhD program. The total number of students enrolled is well over 5000.



Study mobilities for one or two semesters; Placement mobilities for the summer practice

Autumn term (enrolments):

Applications can be made until the end of October for the first semester

Spring term (enrolments):

Applications can be made until the end of October for the first semester


Our university offers accommodation in the university dormitories for the students who require accommodation. If there are students who prefer to accommodate in other places, there are volunteers from the Students’ League who are willing to help them in finding a flat to rent.

Other relevant information:

All the Incoming students are offered assistance regarding their study plans and practice trainships throughout their stay at our university. The International Relations Department and volunteers from the Students League are always involved in solving the administrative issues that the students are dealing with. The students take part in social events, such as Welcome dinner and the volunteers from the Students League involve them in all kind of activities they organise: volunteer programmes, educational activities, trips and parties.


Liga Studentilor din Târgu Mureș


Association of Romanian Students


Marosvásárhelyi Magyar Diákszövetség


Hungarian Students' Association


Organizația Studenților de Medicină Dentară din Tîrgu Mureș


Association of Dental Medicine students


International Medical Students' Association of Targu Mures


The International Medical Students' Association of Targu Mures (IMSA Targu Mures) is an organization in the process of acquiring legal Non-governmental Organisation (NGO) status. It is the association representing the students of the English section at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Targu Mures.

Member of:


[T: 0.5488, O: 105]