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Proiect cofinantat din Fondul Social European prin Programul Operational Capital Uman 2014 – 2020

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"George Enescu" National University of Arts from Iasi

Key details 2022

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“George Enescu” National University of Arts is the first artistic higher education institution in Romania. It was founded in 1860 as The Music and Declamation School, by official decree of Alexandru Ioan Cuza, the first Ruler of the United Principalities. 26 days later, with the signing of the decree for the foundation of the University, the School for Sculpture and Painting and the National Painting Museum are born.
In 1931, the Conservatory and the School of Fine Arts are elevated to the rank of Academy through a decree given by the renowned historian and politician Nicolae Iorga. In the same year George Enescu, a top-ranking personality on the national and international music scene, accepts the proposal that the Academy of Music and Drama in Iasi bear his name, and he is appointed, at the initiative of the teaching body, honorary Rector for life. In 1948, the education reform brings together the art education institutions under one roof, that of the Art Institute (Music, Drama and Fine Arts Faculties).
In 1997 the institution receives, through a decree of the Romanian Government, the name of «University of Arts "George Enescu"» and it organizes through its structure the three main artistic branches: Music, Visual Arts and Drama.
Since 2016 the institution became “George Enescu” National University of Arts, structured in three specialized faculties: Faculty of Performance, Composition and Music Theory Studies, Faculty of Visual Arts and Design, Faculty of Theatre, comprising 23 study programs serving both BA and MA levels, Doctoral Studies Department (Doctoral School) for the Ph.D. level of studies and Department for Teachers Education.
With over 1,500 students, covering all the major areas of arts, the University stands as a beacon of culture, aiming for the protection, preservation and promotion of the Romanian artistic creation, development of the taste for beauty and for authentic creations.
Being situated in Iasi, the University allow its students to benefit from the intense and rich cultural life of the city, with numerous artistic venues, art galleries and important museums, such as Iasi Philharmonic, the National Theatre of Iasi or the Palace of Culture. Located in a central area of Iasi the university has modern studios, laboratories, performance halls, an art library, accommodation facilities and a dynamic art gallery where are exhibited works by students and established artists from Romania and abroad.
The University creates numerous opportunities for scientific research and artistic creation, excellence coming precisely from the thoughtful balance of the two, as a professional means for development of the 'teachers' and the students' activity.
The Publishing House of the University - Artes is in charge of editing and printing didactic, scientific and cultural books and articles written by the members of the academic community. It also prints any material related to the University.



Autumn term (enrolments):

End of July

Spring term (enrolments):

End of November


We can help you find an apartment (Price: 150-200 Euros/ month/ person + expenses – heat, electric power, gas – around 30 Euros in the winter; it’s better to take large apartments for 2-4 students). An extra fee may apply in the beginning (renters charge the amount of one month rent).
When you arrive, you will stay a few days in our students hostel or maybe you would prefer to stay with some Romanian students in their apartment and during that time we will find an apartment to suit your wishes.

Other relevant information:

You can arrive in Iasi by airplane (book a direct flight or via Bucharest), by bus or by train.
After your arrival at the airport, you have the following options:

you can book plane tickets to Iasi with TAROM flight company;
you can take a train / a sleeping car or a bus to Iasi, so you can go straight to “Gara de Nord” (la Gare du Nord/ North Railway station) or the center of Bucharest;
you can stay over the night in Bucharest and take a morning train to Iasi;

For more details visit: http://www.arteiasi.ro/?page_id=1178&lang=eng

Erasmus students are very well integrated in artistic and social activities according to their artistic profile.


ARTIUM - UNAGE Student Association

Str. Sărărie 189, Iasi

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[T: 0.5562, O: 95]