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The Bucharest University of Economic Studies

Key details 2023

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Study programs




International students




Preparatory year


A Prestigious Knowledge Hub, with a Structure dedicated to Enhancing Skills and Competences:

Founded in 1913, The Bucharest University of Economic Studies (ASE) is one of the largest universities in Romania (23000+ students in 2021-2022) and the only one specializing in Economics and Business. 
In 2022, ASE ranks 1st in Romania in THE Emerging Economies, 351-400th in Economics (QS World by Subjects), and in THE World by Subject: 401–500 in Social Sciences, 601+ in Business and Economics. 
The 13 faculties run undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs, including in foreign languages. ASE offers 3-year Bachelor's (except Law - 4 years) and 2-year Master's programs, and it organizes 2 int’l MBAs in partnership with educational institutions from Canada and France. 
If you are interested in choosing one of our programs, available programs and courses may be found at www.international.ase.ro - under International Admission section of the menu.

ASE represents Romania as a leader in economics, business, and public administration study fields. It offers undergraduate and master's programs in foreign languages such as English, French, and German, and is a very foreign-friendly place. A more notable selling point is that ASE harbors more than 200 bilateral agreements with other universities from and outside the European Union. These partnerships allow ASE's community to participate in international mobilities. ASE has many partnerships with national and multinational companies allowing students to peek into the future of work, via internships and guest lectures.


1 or 2 semesters

Autumn term (enrolments):

September 25th - February 20th

Spring term (enrolments):

February 20th - July 14th


ASE ensures accommodation facilities for international students within available places.

Other relevant information:

ASE is institutionally accredited by ARACIS (Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education), which has granted a high confidence rating to the university. It is also currently making visible steps towards heightening its AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) membership with an accreditation. ASE is also a member of the Universitaria Consortium, formed of leading Romanian universities, and founded AFER – Romanian Association of Economics Faculties.


USASE (The Students’ Union)

USASE is the organization representing the rights of the students on the Board of the ASE. Creating projects for students by students, USASE also supports the admission process. You may meet them during dedicated events or online as moderators of the dedicated student communication groups. 



AIESEC is the world’s largest youth-led not-for-profit organization that provides young people with leadership development, cross-cultural global internship and volunteer exchange experiences across the globe, with a focus to empower young people so they can make a positive impact on society. The AIESEC network includes over 70,000 members in 126 countries and territories and every year around 500.000 of international experiences delivered. We provide young people with self-driven, practical, global experiences. We enable them to see the world, make a real difference and discover what truly matters to them.



Students Association in Accounting and Management Information Systems in Financial Department (ASCIG) operates for about 12 years under the aegis of Bucharest University of Economics Studies. In the NGO environment for students, ASCIG is member of some local and national structures like Board of Students Organizations from ASE (COS ASE) and The National Alliance of Students Organizations from Romania (ANOSR). We want to be the main investors in professional and personal development for students from Bucharest Universities, through the projects we are doing. The cooperation with our partners and trainers enabled us to create the right environment for professional and personal development of our participants and the organizational team members by participating at trainings and worshops. We have five departments: Educational, Financial, Human Resources, Marketing & IT and Sales & Partnership



The Student Association of Agri-food and Environmental Economics (ASEAM) has emerged when few students noticed the need of having an association within their faculty for strengthening the connection between the university and the business environment. Since September 2014, we grew as a team by having more and more new members to develop ideas and projects. ASEAM is organized in 4 departments: Marketing & PR, IT & Logistics, Fundraising and Human Resources. The students can choose in which department to work based on the field of activity they prefer. ASEAM`s main projects and the target audience are related to the faculty`s specialization. In the future, we intend to approach larger scale projects and a greater audience.




Volunteers for Ideas and Projects (VIP) was formed by initiative of young people for adding value to student life and has become a strong association with a complex activity. Under the motto ‘We believe in exceptional people’, VIP Romania gives to young people the possibility to develop in various fields. For 17 years, VIP, along with its four communities: Business Club, Econosofia, Leadership Development and International Affairs, invests in education, creativity and in students who are in a continuous search of innovation. In order to cater better the development needs of students, the organization is divided in six departments: Marketing, Business Development, Public Relations, Human Resources, Online and Financial. Also, for three years, VIP develops his activity in Cluj too.



Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is the biggest student association in Europe. It was born on October 16th, 1989, and was legally registered in 1990 for supporting and developing student exchange.
We are present in more than 1000 Higher Education Institutions in 42 countries. The network is constantly developing and expanding. We have around 15,000 active members in many sections supported by so-called buddies, mainly taking care of international students. Thus, ESN involves about 40,000 young people offering its services to around 350,000 international students.

Member of:


[T: 0.4582, O: 116]
Notification! Due to the high number of applications received, the results for the scholarship programme offered by the Romanian state through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be announced by the end of August. Applicants will be notified directly in their StudyinRomania account in the following month. Thank you for your patience and understanding!
Notification! En raison de l'augmentation du nombre de candidatures, les résultats du programme de bourses offert par l'État roumain par l'intermédiaire du ministère des Affaires étrangères, sera annoncée d'ici à la fin d’août. Les candidats seront notifiés directement dans leur compte StudyinRomania le mois suivant. Merci de votre patience et votre compréhension!