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"Vasile Alecsandri" University of Bacău

Key details 2022

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Under the slogan "The University close to you!", "Vasile Alecsandri" University of Bacău has developed the area of domains and study programmes, its structure currently consisting of five faculties: Engineering, Letters, Sciences, Economic Sciences, and the Faculty of Movement, Sport and Health Sciences.

The Faculty of Engineering is integrated into the network of technical faculties in Romania. The educational offer for Bachelor studies covers: Environmental Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Power Engineering, Food Engineering, Computers and Information Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Mechatronics and robotics, Engineering and management. 
The Master’s degree areas are: Environmental Engineering, Food Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Power Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Engineering and management, Mechatronics and Robotics
The doctoral studies include two fields: Industrial Engineering and Environmental Engineering.
The Faculty of Letters has constantly enriched the educational offer, adapting it to the dynamics of contemporary society. The educational offer includes 3 domains for Bachelor studies, namely: Language and Literature, Communication Sciences and Education Sciences; 3 domains for the Master’s degree: Philology, Communication Sciences and Education Sciences and 1 domain for the PhD studies: Philology. 
The Faculty of Sciences continues the tradition of academic education in Bacău through its Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes, preparing specialists in the fields of: Mathematics, Informatics, Biology, Environmental Science. The faculty is affiliated to Informatics Europe, the Association of Informatics Departments in Europe.
The Faculty of Economic Sciences is an active and dynamic presence in the national academic system and in the economic and social life of Central Moldavia. The faculty trains specialists in the fields of: Business Administration, Accounting and Marketing. The studies can be completed by the Master’s degree educational offer.
The Faculty of Movement, Sport and Health Sciences aims at training specialists in the following Bachelor's degrees: Physical Education and Sport, Physical Therapy and Psychology, and in the following Master’s degrees: Sport and Physical Education Science, which effectively and efficiently meet the requirements of the labor market and contribute to human development, to the promotion of health and sports values, to the social integration and reintegration of the persons with disabilities.




Autumn term (enrolments):

October - February

Spring term (enrolments):

February - June


The University has four student hostels with a total capacity of 273 rooms and 950 beds, out of which 883 are for students, 61 are for the athletes legitimated at ” Ştiinţa” Bacău University Sports Club and 6 are occupied by the teaching and research staff. The University hostels are:- Hostel No. 1, Mărăşeşti Campus;- Hostel No. 2, Mărăşeşti Campus;- Hostel No. 3, Spiru Haret Campus;- Hostel No. 4, Violetelor Street.The University has a restaurant with rooms specially equipped for the preparation and serving of meals for students and teachers. The University Restaurant is at No.157, Calea Mărăşeşti. It is a modern building endowed with automated systems and a maximum serving capacity of 400 people, in special conditions of hygiene. The restaurant is intended primarily for students and the teaching staff of the University, featuring 190 seats in the common room, 110 seats on the 1st floor and 100 seats in the attic. The lunch hall on the groundfloor is equipped with a TV and free wireless internet. Two bars for students and teachers are arranged inside the restaurant.

Other relevant information:

Our institution pays particular attention to financially and materially motivating and supporting students. The possibilities for University financial assistance to students are set out in the "Regulation on scholarships for Romanian students, from budget funds, and for all students, from their own funds”, posted on the University website.

"Vasile Alecsandri" University of Bacău grants social aid scholarships to students with special social problems. The social aid scholarships fund is 4% of the total scholarships fund per faculty. The terms for the social aid scholarships are set up by the Regulation on scholarships for Romanian students, from budget funds, and for all students, from their own funds.
"Vasile Alecsandri" University of Bacău also grants discount fees, as well as other aids to students with special situations and problems in accordance with the Regulations for the organisation and management of admission to the Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral degree levels and to specialisation programmes for the academic year 2023-2024.
An important role in the management of our institution is played by the Department of Professional Counselling (D.C.P.).  It develops programmes of knowledge and awareness of students' professional interests. It also offers adequate counselling both for the successful completion of university studies and, especially, for a good insertion on the labor market, through the mediation of value correlation between graduate`s profile and work demands. The values and principles of D.C.P. are: focus on customer, psychosocial and cultural diversity, communication and introspection, quality of the counselling process, applicability and commitment, empathy and personal development. 


Liga Studenţească din Universitatea „Vasile Alecsandri' din Bacău


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