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Before you arrive in Romania we recommend finding accommodation. The following options are available:

On Campus – Public or private student dormitories – approx. 60 Euro / month (e.g. Brasov city)
Most universities in Romania offer this type of service to students, which can be a very good option compared to private accommodation, in terms of costs. These vary depending on your chosen University, city, and type of accommodation. Quality of accommodation varies from university to university. Some universities offer comfortable and clean dorms with free internet access, canteen, reading rooms and sport facilities. The rooms are of 2 beds or more with private bathrooms and sometimes kitchenette and they are equipped with security video surveillance. Make sure you contact your institution directly to find out the available accommodation options and how the costs compare with private accommodation.

Private housing / Rental
You can rent or 'lease' a property by yourself or with friends. This can be done through a real estate agent or privately, via a public website (some examples are provided below). The best flats are most often found via local acquaintances and friends. In case of renting a property, you will typically need to pay a security deposit (of usually one month’s rent).

Some prices for your reference, in big cities:
• Studio lease – prices starting from 120 Euro to 300 Euro / month per studio.
• One bedroom and living room apartment -150 Euro up to 300 Euro / month, fully equipped.
• Two bedrooms and living room – depending on the aria can vary between 200 Euro and 300 Euro / month.

Note that flat-sharing is quite common. Costs tend to come down to under 150 Euros per month in this fashion, and it remains a great way to make friends and divide tasks for household chores.

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